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Wild Men and Moors painting

Wild Men and Moors Linen and Wool Slit Tapestry. Made in Germany, c. 1431. 39″ x 193 inches.

Moorish Rowers at Constantinople painting

Moorish Rowers at Constantinople painting by Félix Ziem. Oil on canvas. Date unknown.

“A Moorish Man-At-Arms” painting

“A Moorish Man-At-Arms” painting by Ken Laager. Made in 2013.

Painting of a Moor smoking a pipe


Moorish merchant painting

moorish merchantmsa

“Moorish Warrior” print

“A Moorish Warrior” wood engraved print. Made in London, c.1880.

“The Emir” painting by Ludwig Deutsch

“The Emir” oil painting by Austrian artist Ludwig Deutsch. Made c.1930

“A Moorish Sage” painting by Rudolph Ernst

moorishsage painting
“A Moorish Sage” painting by Rudolph Ernst. Oil on canvas. Made in Austria. 1886

“Moorish Cafe” painting

“Moorish Cafe” painting by Charles Théodore Frère (French, 1814-1888). Oil on canvas. 18 1/8 x 15 in. (46 x 38.2 cm.)

Moorish hunt painting

Moorish hunt painting by John Holyfield. 36″ x 24″

Moor with a giraffe painting

Moor with a giraffe painting by Jacopo Ligozzi(1547-1626).

Portrait Of A Young Moor

Portrait of a young Moor by Bernard Lens. Oil painting on canvas. c.1730

Moorish Criminal Court

Double page print of a wood engraving of a Moorish criminal trial published in the London News in 1884.

Painting of Moor Guarding The Alhambra Moorish Castle

Painting of Moor Guarding The Alhambra by Rudolphe Ernst(1854-1932).

“Emblem of America” featuring Moorish children

“Emblem of America” featuring Moorish children. Made in London. Published September 4th 1798 by John Fairburn

“Head of a Moor” painting by José Tapiro y Baro

José Tapiro y Baro (Spanish, 1830-1913)
Head of a moor
watercolour on paper

Oil Painting of a Moorish Hall

by Konstantin Andreyevich Ukhtomsky (1818-1881)

Oil Painting of Moorish Woman

Oil Painting of Moorish Woman

by Jean Baptiste Vanmour (1671-1737)

Paintings of Moors by Adolf Schreyer

Oil on canvas paintings by Adolf Schreyer (1828-1899)

Painting of Moorish Guard

Painting of Moors studying a painting

Marokko Cigar Company Label

original, vintage stone lithograph outer cigar label, titled: Marokko

The Middy and the Moors by R.M. Ballantyne

The first edition of this book is dated 1883 published by James Nisbet & Co. Ltd., 22 Berners St., London.

Wood engraving of Moorish Soldier

A Moorish soldier – Wood engraving, 1882

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