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Moorish figurine slippers by Stubbs &Wootton

Leather and velvet Moorish figurine slippers by Stubbs & Wootton.

“Fezzes are Cool” buttons


Silk Moorish architecture tie

Silk Moorish architecture tie, made by the Museum Company and the United Nations Children’s Fund. “Details of gates of the Great Mosque, in Cordoba, Spain”.

velvet Moorish figurine slippers

Velvet Moorish figurine slippers by Stubbs & Wootton.



Moors team jersey

Moors team v-neck jersey with elasticized cuffs, front pockets and adjustable bottom with shock cord. Made with water and wind resistant polyester micron fabric. Available for purchase soon.

Gold and Diamond Moorish Brooch Pin

This is a brooch depicting the face of a Moorish man, crafted in solid 10K light rose gold, featuring a 2.2 mm round single cut diamond (0.04 carats) set into the center of the turban. It weighs 3.71 grams. A brooch is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed.

Brother Y. Sirius El, Moorish-American Artist

Yusef Sirius El is a a painter, musician and a footwear designer. He has designed for brands like Adidas, Nike, ENYCE, Fila, etc. He is currently launching a new high end luxury footwear line named Kustome Collabo, based in Brooklyn, NY.

From the Kustome Collabo website: “KUSTOME is a luxury footwear collection assembled by an international design team that aspires to deliver the one-off experience to a small group of connoisseurs. We are working to uphold a standard that dictates exquisite taste as the ultimate rule of measure.”

To learn more about Kustome Collabo, click here.

Moors Sweater

Moors polo

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