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Moorish Science Temple of America

Image of Prophet Noble Drew Ali on the Charter of the Moorish Science Temple of America


Moorish Vanguard Concert

“Moorish Vanguard Concert” was a Moorish-American funk band from Philadelphia, that released a single named “The Sunset Of Your Love”, in 1977 on Country Eastern Music.
moorishvanguard concertmsa
Members L-R: Jason Bey(Guitar), Melvin El(Trombone), Lewis “Sonny” Bey(Drums), Barbara Bey(Vocals), Harry El(Trumpet), Frank Bey (Vocals), Bernard Bey(Bass).
To hear the song and get more information about the band, click here.

Bey & El camp ticket, 1981

This is a ticket for the Bey & El camp, formerly located in Monroeville, New Jersey. The camp was operated on land owned by the Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.

Jesse Binga and the Binga State Bank of Chicago, Illinois

Jesse Binga was a real estate mogul, banker and philanthropist in Chicago, Illinois. He was known to be a supporter of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, during the emergence of the Moorish Science Temple of America. He was also a speaker at the 1st annual convention of the Temple, where he spoke highly of the Prophet and the business endeavors of the Moorish-Americans, at that time.
Binga was born in Detroit, Michigan in April 10, 1865. His father was a barber and his mother sold real estate. He dropped out of high school and at first collected rents on his mother’s property in Detroit. He later moved to Seattle and Tacoma, Washington, working as a barber in each city. He also worked as a Pullman porter in Oakland, California before settling in Chicago, in 1893.
Binga began building his fortune in Chicago by purchasing run down buildings, repairing, and renting them. He bought property from Europeans who wanted to move out, fixed it up, then resold it to his own people, who needed a place to live. This practice was known as “block busting”.
From real estate he moved into banking. When the European-owned McCarthy Bank at 35th and State failed in 1907, Binga purchased the building and established his Binga Bank, a private credit institution. It was the 1st of its kind in Chicago and was the most expensive building in the area. Within three years the bank had deposits of over $1.3 million. Next to the bank, Binga constructed a five-story office building called the Binga Arcade, in 1929, which held offices, stores, and a night club.
Binga moved to South Park Avenue, now known as King Drive, in the Washington Park section of Chicago, in 1917. This was an all-European neighborhood, at the time and the house was repeatedly bombed, forcing Binga to hire 24-hour security guards.
Unfortunately, Binga closed the bank in 1929, during the Great Depression and was sentenced to ten years in jail for allegedly embezzling funds. Reportedly, the bank was too heavily invested in mortgage loans, to organizations and members of the community who could not make their payments, during the struggle of the Great Depression. Allegedly, Binga refused to take these properties and that is when he was charged with misuse of funds. After a few years, Binga was released from his sentence early, due to his lawyers efforts and the thousands of signatures placed on petitions, calling for his freedom. . Upon his release, Binga was given a $15 a week job as a janitor at St. Anselm’s Church. He passed away at the age of 85, in 1950.

Moorish sister doll

This Moorish sister doll was made by Sister Young-El, from Temple #55 of the Moorish Science Temple of America Inc. in Hope, Indiana. Made in 1995. 10.5″ High

“Prophet Noble Drew Ali Returns To Silent Chamber”

This is an article from the Moorish Guide, during the time of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. It speaks about his return to the silent chambers of the home temple in Chicago, Illinois. The Prophet received many visitors in his silent chambers, who came to be healed or receive guidance from the Prophet. The article also describes his tour across the country to visit Temples. Prophet Noble Drew Ali traveled with two chauffeurs because according to the article, “his journey was so arranged that one chauffeur could not possibly do the driving.”

“Birthday of Moorish leader is celebrated” – Chicago Defender article, 1929

“Crescent and Star” article from the Chicago Tribune, 1925

“The Crescent and Star” article from the Chicago Tribune, written on December 19th, 1925 by Shelby Maxwell.
From the “Oral Statements and Prophecies of Prophet Noble Drew Ali”, compiled by former Grand sheik and Moderator of the Moorish Science Temple of America, Brother R. Love-El:
“258. It is stated by a Moor that He (the Prophet) told the people in Chicago he was a prophet and to prove it he said the star and crescent would appear together in the heavens on December 19th 1925, it did.”

Photo of a young Moorish-American from the Baltimore Sun, 1988

This photograph of a young Moorish-American in the Temple, is from an article that was written in the Baltimore Sun newspaper in 1988.

Princess Bey Sharet-Bey

Princess Bey Sharet-Bey was born a real Moorish princess, according to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. She was the Grand Sheikess of Temple #24 in Atlanta, Georgia, set aside by Brother C. Kirkman-Bey and was known as a true Adept who worked with the elements.

Temple #28 in Glassboro, NJ

This is Temple #28 in Glassboro, NJ. The Moorish-Americans on the east coast have had many meetings, workshops and events in the Temple and on it’s property. The Grand Sheikess of this Temple is Sister H. Graves-El.

Grand Sheik of Temple #48, Brother K. Rahman-Bey

Grand Sheik of Temple #48, Brother K. Rahman-Bey(middle) with two unidentified Moorish-Americans from Washington D.C.

Moorish Remedies from the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation

Vintage Ad for Moorish Remedies from the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation. The recipes for these remedies were formulated by Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Moorish-American Sheik Badge

This Sheik badge is worn by Sheik’s in the Moorish Science Temple of America that are attending the annual Convention in Chicago.

Unity Hall in Chicago, Illinois

This is the site of the 1st annual convention of the Moorish Science Temple of America.

The building is a city landmark, constructed in 1887 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been neglected for years and is currently on sale.

“Standing as an important monument to Chicago’s rich African-American heritage, as well as an official Chicago Landmark (designated in 1998), Unity Hall is threatened with demolition by neglect.”

Marcus Garvey wearing mortar board

Marcus Garvey, the forerunner of Prophet Noble Drew Ali, is seen here wearing a square academic cap aka mortarboard aka hawk(name of the wooden board used in masonry to mix mortar), which is a variation of the Fez.

Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America translated into Spanish

Brother O. Rosado-Bey has just completed a spanish translation of the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America. It is written in english on one side and spanish on the other side and will be available for purchase soon.

Moorish-American General Store

location & date unknown

The Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America Concordance

“The Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America Concordance by Brother M. Johnson Bey D.M. and Sister E. Johnson Bey. The Concordance will help one to navigate through The Holy Koran of The Moorish Science Temple of America. It is a unique project, and the first of its kind in Moorish American History.

A concordance is an alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book
or body of work, with their immediate contexts. This work will help the
student identify various places in the Holy Koran of the M.S.T.of A. where
the Prophet used certain words. After each word you will find the page and
verse or line, where the word or related words can be found (for example:
feet is found listed under footprint.)” – Brother M. Johnson Bey D.M. and Sister E. Johnson Bey.
To read the book, click here

Photo of Moorish-American Moslems from the Baltimore Sun Newspaper

undated, from the archives

“What Your History Books Failed To Tell You” by Grand Sheik Azeem Hopkins-Bey

“The book “What your history books failed to tell you” delivers a powerful analysis of the so-called “black” person’s identity crisis. It discusses the history of the slave marks that were placed upon the so-called “black” people in the year of 1774. It explains the importance of nationality and it’s relevance to the so-called “black” people of America.” – Sister Elisa Herder-Bey.

Brother Azeem Hopkins-Bey is the Grand Sheik of Temple #11, in Philadelphia, Pa. For more info on him and to order the book, click here.

Temple #25 – Detroit, Michigan

Members of Temple #25 standing in front of their Temple in Detroit, Michigan.

Grave site of Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Burr Oak Cemetary, Chicago, Illinois

Nationality Card written in spanish

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