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Moorish Influence on American Society

Moorish figurine serpent pin

Moorish figurine serpent pin. Made from sterling silver with a gold vermeil finish and hand set with peridot, topaz and citrine stones. Found at an estate sale in Los Angeles, California.
3 1/4″ high x 2″ wide.

Twenty-Two Hunnid El – Hidden Colors(Moorish Anthem)


Moorish “Bethesda terrace arcade” in Central Park, NYC

Bethesda terrace arcade is located in Central Park, in New York City. It was built using the science of Moorish architecture. The terrace looks out over Central Park lake.

Wooden Moorish enclosed balconies in Lima, Peru

These wooden Moorish enclosed balconies can be found on buildings in central Lima, Peru which is a UNESCO(United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) world heritage site.



Polychrome wooden Moorish figurine

Polychrome wooden Moorish figurine. Date unknown. 59″ high.

Moorish tower in Newport, Rhode Island

The Moorish tower, commonly referred to as Newport Tower is a stone tower located in Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island.
The tower is supported by eight cylindrical columns that form stone arches, two of which are slightly broader than the other six. The style of architecture, including the arches is obviously Moorish. Above the arches and inside the tower is evidence of a floor that once supported an interior chamber.
The tower was designed to keep time and keep up with aspects of the sun, moon and stars.
The tower can be seen here on the seal of the USS Newport, a US Navy vessel. The Latin writing on the seal, “Magni Nominis Umbra” translates to “shadow of a great name”

“Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors” by James Reston, Jr.

“Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors” by James Reston, Jr. Published by Anchor Books in 2006.

Hassan Ben Ali’s “Moorish Caravan” circus posters

Hassan Ben Ali “Moorish Caravan” circus posters. The “Moorish Caravan” was a group of Moorish acrobats and entertainers that traveled around the United States. Made c.1890.

Stepin Fetchit wearing a Fez

Actor Stepin Fetchit aka Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew Perry(1902–1985) wearing a Fez, in the movie “Charlie Chan in Egypt” released by 20th Century Fox in 1935.


BOZAK B-302A Moorish Concerto V Speakers

BOZAK B-302A Moorish Concerto V Speakers. The cabinet of the speakers is designed using a Moorish arch frame, with a walnut finish. Made in 1977. 27″ High x 30″ Wide.

Moorish astrolabe postcard

16th century Moorish astrolabe postcard from the Adler planetarium & museum in Chicago. Dated 1930.

“The Moorish Whore” by Rebekah Scott

The Moorish Whore“, a novel by Rebekah Scott. Published by Peaceable Publishing, in 2012.

Sheik Ron – “I Am” music video

Sheik Ron – “I Am” music video, directed by Yellow Flash Media.

Moorish Vanguard Concert

“Moorish Vanguard Concert” was a Moorish-American funk band from Philadelphia, that released a single named “The Sunset Of Your Love”, in 1977 on Country Eastern Music.
moorishvanguard concertmsa
Members L-R: Jason Bey(Guitar), Melvin El(Trombone), Lewis “Sonny” Bey(Drums), Barbara Bey(Vocals), Harry El(Trumpet), Frank Bey (Vocals), Bernard Bey(Bass).
To hear the song and get more information about the band, click here.

Pair of Moorish figurines

Pair of Moorish figurines, said to have been made in Italy, in the early 19th century. 11″ High. Found at an estate sale in Stamford, CT.

Moorish figurines in Hudson, NY

Moorish figurines on the porch of the Plumb-Bronson house, in Hudson, NY. The house was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2003. The photo was taken in 1865.

Sterling Moorish figurine pin

Gold gilt sterling Moorish figurine pin, with faceted glass stones. Signed “Sterling (F.H.). Found at an estate sale in San Francisco, CA. Date unknown.

Sheik Ron – “Moslem Of The West” Mixtape

Sheik Ron – “Moslem Of The West” Mixtape. Download here.

Moorish Clock Tower in Ecuador


Chrome Moorish figurine bracelet

Chrome Moorish figurine bracelet. Date unknown.

Moorish design at Brevoort Hotel in Chicago

From the postcard: “Moorish Decoration in Buffet, Brevoort Hotel Chicago”. Dated August 14, 1908
The Brevoort hotel in Chicago, Illinois was known for it’s Moorish themed “Crystal Bar”.

“Moor Life” by Young Moors

“Moor Life” video – written, produced, shot & directed by Young Moors (Brandon Stewart aka Beatnet and Corbin Howard Butler aka 1/4th of $urreal). #MoorLife

“I am Ismael, Son of the Blackamoor: A Play by Sagittarus”, 1975

1975 First Edition of “I Am Ishmael, Son of the Blackamoor: A Play by Saggittarus”. Published by Nuclassics And Science Publishing Company, in Wasiington, DC in 1975. 76 pages in original softcover binding.
From the book:
“This is probably one the most controversial plays ever written. Questions and thoughts etched on the minds of most people are interwoven in the theme of this great work. Ishmael, a nobleman, battles trying to find a way to save his country. Saggittarus leaves the reader with the question” In spite of man’s education and technology does his basic nature ever change?…”

Moorish guard salt & pepper shakers

Pair of Moorish guard salt & pepper shaker figurines by Ceramic Arts Studio(1942-1956), based in Madison, Wisconsin. 5″ High.

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