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Princess Bey Sharet-Bey

Princess Bey Sharet-Bey was born a real Moorish princess, according to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. She was the Grand Sheikess of Temple #24 in Atlanta, Georgia, set aside by Brother C. Kirkman-Bey and was known as a true Adept who worked with the elements.

Portrait Of A Young Moor

Portrait of a young Moor by Bernard Lens. Oil painting on canvas. c.1730

“What Did The Moors Ever Do For Us?”

Graphic image taken from an article written by Alexander Peters named “What did the Moors ever do for us?” The article is about the Moors great contributions to Spain. You can read the article here

Moorish Infantry Figurine

Moorish Infantry figurine. Made in England. date unknown

Moorish Woman Brooch Pin

Moorish Criminal Court

Double page print of a wood engraving of a Moorish criminal trial published in the London News in 1884.

Moorish Figurine in Brooklyn Bar & Grill

This figurine of a Moorish woman was found in Sweetwater Bar & Grill, in Brooklyn, NY.


Artist: BEY
Song: DOPE
Track Producer: DJ BOOMAN

Temple #28 in Glassboro, NJ

This is Temple #28 in Glassboro, NJ. The Moorish-Americans on the east coast have had many meetings, workshops and events in the Temple and on it’s property. The Grand Sheikess of this Temple is Sister H. Graves-El.

Painting of Moor Guarding The Alhambra Moorish Castle

Painting of Moor Guarding The Alhambra by Rudolphe Ernst(1854-1932).

Moorish Games Table

Moorish games table. c. 1900

It opens up for a card table with backgammon, chess and other games and inlaid with various hardwoods and measures 33.5″ by 17″ and 32″ tall.

Painting of Moor Wearing Turban & Armor

Painting of Moor wearing Turban and Armor by Van Mander III. Oil on canvas, circa 1670. Currently on display in the Statens Museum for Kunst in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Moorish Couple Steel Engraving

Title “Rebekah Receiving Isaac’s Presents”.
Fine quality steel engraving by Armytage
Published by Virtue. C.1850.

Tampa Bay Moorish Castle Hotel

The Tampa Bay Moorish Castle Hotel opened to the public in 1891. It was said to have been built by Henry B.Plant but this is unconfirmed. Plant also owned the Plant System of Railways. These were a collection of bankrupt rail companies that he purchased in the late 1800’s. The hotel is five stories high, consisting of 511 rooms. The Tampa Bay Hotel ceased operating in 1933 and became the Henry B. Plant Museum and is now part of the The University of Tampa grounds.

Moorish Leader Figurine

Rare Moorish leader in Spain figurine, IX Century.

Manufactured in white metal alloy.

Mounted, scale 100mm.

Life of Oliver Goldsmith, The Crayon Papers and Moorish Chronicles, Vol. 10 by Washington Irving

Life of Oliver Goldsmith, The Crayon Papers and Moorish Chronicles, Vol.10 by Washington Irving, published in New York & London in 1938 by the Co-operative Publishing Society

“Emblem of America” featuring Moorish children

“Emblem of America” featuring Moorish children. Made in London. Published September 4th 1798 by John Fairburn

Moorish Baby figurine

Moorish baby figurine made from porcelain. Date & location unknown.

Moorish Scimitar Brooch Pin

This is a brooch pin made to look like a Moorish Scimitar. The goldtone metal is textured and the pin is designed to hang balanced from a gold chain that connects the blade to the scabbard.

brooch is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed.

Stamped “SPAIN” on the reverse. Date unknown.

Tobacco humidor made to look like Moor wearing Fez

Tobacco humidor made to look like Moorish Man wearing Fez. Made in America, circa 1900

Moorish biscuits made in Italy

These Moorish biscuits are made in Italy, by the Campiello company. Moresco means Moorish in Italian. The term Moresco is also used to describe Moors who remained in Europe after converting to Christianity. It was also used to describe Catholics who secretly practiced Islam.

Vintage lamps made to look like Moors

Ode to Hip Hop by Twenty Two Hunnid El

Gold and Diamond Moorish Brooch Pin

This is a brooch depicting the face of a Moorish man, crafted in solid 10K light rose gold, featuring a 2.2 mm round single cut diamond (0.04 carats) set into the center of the turban. It weighs 3.71 grams. A brooch is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed.

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