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Moros y Cristianos festival in Spain 2012

The Moros y Cristianos(Moors & Christians) festival is an annual celebration in Spain that reenacts the battles between Moors and Christians. It is the Christian Spaniards way of celebrating defeating the Moors, who invaded Spain in 711 AD and ruled it, until 1492.

Brochure for Moorish Castle Zorayda in St. Augustine, Florida

Fold out brochure for Zorayda Castle in St. Augustine, Florida.
from the brochure: “St. Augustine, Florida Zorayda Castle world famous Moorish palace inspired by the Alhambra of Granada, Spain.” It includes a map of St. Augustine, Florida. The castle is said to have been built in 1883, by Franklin Smith but this has never been verified.

Zorayda Castle has been closed to the public for the past 8 years, for renovation. It recently opened to the public as a museum, named “Villa Zorayda”.

Black Magic Plant Foods Ad featuring a Moor named Sir Plantsalot

This is a magazine ad from 1955 for Black Magic Plants Foods, featuring Sir Plantsalot, a Moorish boy used to brand the product.

“BlackaMoors Barn Dance” music sheet cover illustration

This is the cover illustration for the “Blackamoors Barn Dance” music sheet by Fabian Rose. Artwork by R. Jasper Weird. Published in 1899.

Moorish woman figurine

This is a plaster figurine of a Moorish woman, made in the UK. c.1850

Moorish Revival Architecture in Los Angeles

This is a home in the Whitley Heights section of Los Angeles, California. It was built using the Moorish Revival style of architecture. Most of the homes in Los Angeles were built using this style.

Photo of a young Moorish-American from the Baltimore Sun, 1988

This photograph of a young Moorish-American in the Temple, is from an article that was written in the Baltimore Sun newspaper in 1988.

“King’s Moorish Attendant” Figurine

This figurine of a Moorish man, named “King’s Moorish Attendant”, is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art but is not on display. It has a polychromed terracotta head and wooden limbs and a body made of wire wrapped in tow. Clothed in cotton and silk garments with silver and gold metallic thread, holding a brass sword. Made in Italy. c.18th Century

Spragga Benz speaks about Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Reggae superstar speaks about Prophet Noble Drew ALi in this interview from the “Know The Ledge” radio show.

Moorish Man Figurine Lamp

This a Moorish Man Figurine Lamp, found in Australia. c.1950’s

“THE BLACKAMOOR & the Georgian Garden”

“The BlackaMoor & the Georgian Garden” published by New Arcadian Press in November 2011.

Moorish Castle on Revere Beach, MA

This is a postcard showing the Moorish Castle that used to be on Revere Beach in Revere, Massachusetts. The castle was demolished in the late 1980’s, along with several other waterfront features that had been neglected throughout the 70’s. Revere Beach is popularly known as America’s first beach.

Here is a stock certificate for the Moorish Castle, that was sold in 1932

Life-size Moorish Figurine

Life-size Moorish man figurine. c.19th century. Location unknown.

Princess Bey Sharet-Bey

Princess Bey Sharet-Bey was born a real Moorish princess, according to Prophet Noble Drew Ali. She was the Grand Sheikess of Temple #24 in Atlanta, Georgia, set aside by Brother C. Kirkman-Bey and was known as a true Adept who worked with the elements.

Portrait Of A Young Moor

Portrait of a young Moor by Bernard Lens. Oil painting on canvas. c.1730

“What Did The Moors Ever Do For Us?”

Graphic image taken from an article written by Alexander Peters named “What did the Moors ever do for us?” The article is about the Moors great contributions to Spain. You can read the article here

Moorish Infantry Figurine

Moorish Infantry figurine. Made in England. date unknown

Moorish Woman Brooch Pin

Moorish Criminal Court

Double page print of a wood engraving of a Moorish criminal trial published in the London News in 1884.

Moorish Figurine in Brooklyn Bar & Grill

This figurine of a Moorish woman was found in Sweetwater Bar & Grill, in Brooklyn, NY.


Artist: BEY
Song: DOPE
Track Producer: DJ BOOMAN

Temple #28 in Glassboro, NJ

This is Temple #28 in Glassboro, NJ. The Moorish-Americans on the east coast have had many meetings, workshops and events in the Temple and on it’s property. The Grand Sheikess of this Temple is Sister H. Graves-El.

Painting of Moor Guarding The Alhambra Moorish Castle

Painting of Moor Guarding The Alhambra by Rudolphe Ernst(1854-1932).

Moorish Games Table

Moorish games table. c. 1900

It opens up for a card table with backgammon, chess and other games and inlaid with various hardwoods and measures 33.5″ by 17″ and 32″ tall.

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