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Louis Vuitton Interpreting Muhammad Ali’s ‘Dream’ with Yasiin Bey

Louis Vuitton pays tribute to The Greatest – Muhammad Ali with the digital experience The Greatest Words.
Spoken Word Artist Yasiin Bey and calligrapher Niels Shoe Meulman revisit the words of Muhammad Ali.
Visit the full experience at

“Emblem of America” featuring Moorish children

“Emblem of America” featuring Moorish children. Made in London. Published September 4th 1798 by John Fairburn

Moorish Baby figurine

Moorish baby figurine made from porcelain. Date & location unknown.

Moorish Scimitar Brooch Pin

This is a brooch pin made to look like a Moorish Scimitar. The goldtone metal is textured and the pin is designed to hang balanced from a gold chain that connects the blade to the scabbard.

brooch is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed.

Stamped “SPAIN” on the reverse. Date unknown.

Tobacco humidor made to look like Moor wearing Fez

Tobacco humidor made to look like Moorish Man wearing Fez. Made in America, circa 1900

Moorish biscuits made in Italy

These Moorish biscuits are made in Italy, by the Campiello company. Moresco means Moorish in Italian. The term Moresco is also used to describe Moors who remained in Europe after converting to Christianity. It was also used to describe Catholics who secretly practiced Islam.

Vintage lamps made to look like Moors

Ode to Hip Hop by Twenty Two Hunnid El

Gold and Diamond Moorish Brooch Pin

This is a brooch depicting the face of a Moorish man, crafted in solid 10K light rose gold, featuring a 2.2 mm round single cut diamond (0.04 carats) set into the center of the turban. It weighs 3.71 grams. A brooch is a decorative jewelry item designed to be attached to garments, often to hold them closed.

Moorish Castle of Gibraltar

The Moorish Castle of Gibraltar was built c.711 AD, after the Moorish conquest of Spain led by Tarik ibn Ziyad and Musa ibn Nasayr. Its walls enclosed an area reaching down from the Rock of Gibraltar down to the sea.

Grand Sheik of Temple #48, Brother K. Rahman-Bey

Grand Sheik of Temple #48, Brother K. Rahman-Bey(middle) with two unidentified Moorish-Americans from Washington D.C.

Moorish Woman Planter

This is a planter, made to look like a Moorish woman is holding the plants. Made in America, circa 1940.

Moorish Woman on Vintage Stamp from France

Vintage stamp from France. date unknown.

Moorish Remedies from the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation

Vintage Ad for Moorish Remedies from the Moorish Manufacturing Corporation. The recipes for these remedies were formulated by Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Military Series Cards Featuring Moorish Soldier

This card is from the Kinney Tobacco Military Series Set.

Painting of a Othello Relating His Adventures

Othello Relating His Adventures, by CW Cope, steel engraving, 1873

Statue of Moor wearing Turban made in Japan

This is a shelf sitting figure of a Moor wearing a Turban, made in Japan

Moorish-Americans featured in the Baltimore Sun, 1988

This photograph is from an article that was written in the Baltimore Sun in 1988. Pictured from left to right: Sheikess C.Reynolds-Bey, Sheik C.Reynolds-Bey, Sheikess A.Jones-Bey and Sheik T.Scott-Bey.

“Moorish Towns in Spain” by Cecilia Hill

“Moorish Towns in Spain” by Cecilia Hill. Published by Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, 1931. Contents: Introduction; Toledo; Cordova; Seville; Granada; Index.

Painting of 2 Moors Fighting A Bull

Painting of two Moors fighting a bull by Francisco Goya (1746-1828). The painting was made in 1816 and shows how the Moors originated bull fighting. They used their cloaks aka mantles and swords to fight the bulls.

2 Young Moors With A Reluctant Donkey

These two young Moors and the donkey were made from bronze, in Vienna Austria. Date Unknown

Yasiin Bey – “Bey”

New music from Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def

Moorish-American Sheik Badge

This Sheik badge is worn by Sheik’s in the Moorish Science Temple of America that are attending the annual Convention in Chicago.

Moorish Rhapsody album by Engelbert Humperdinck

Moorish Rhapsody album recorded by German composer Engelbert Humperdinck in 1898. Humperdinck was best known for his fairy tale, Hansel & Gretel.

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