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Moorish figurine powder compact

Moorish figurine gold plated powder compact by Renard of New York. The base has the Renard, New York logo of a painter’s pallet and has pat. No. 1836722. 2.1/4″L x 1.3/4″W

Moorish Fes Red Wool Rug

Moorish wool rug featuring Mooorish inspired pattern available here

“Hotel Green” Moorish Castle in Pasadena, California

The “Hotel Green” is a seven story Moorish Castle in Old Pasadena, California.
Said to have been built in 1898 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the State Historic Register, and the City of Pasadena’s list of Historic Places.

Moorish Rowers at Constantinople painting

Moorish Rowers at Constantinople painting by Félix Ziem. Oil on canvas. Date unknown.

Moorish Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark

Moorish Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark. Said to have been built in 1909, the palace is located inside of the Tivoli Gardens amusement park and is currently used as a hotel and restaurant.

Moorish Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah

Moorish Palace named Saltair located on the Great Salt Lake in Utah, United States, about fifteen miles from Salt Lake City. Said to have been built in 1836. It was destroyed by fire in 1925.


“Castello di Sammazzano” Moorish Castle in Italy

Castello di Sammazzanomsa
The Castello di Sammezzano is a Moorish castle with 365 rooms, in the Tuscan hills of Northern Italy. It is popularly believed to have been built in 1605 but it has actually been dated to around 780.
Castello di Sammazzanomsa3

Castello di Sammazzanomsa2

Castello di Sammazzanomsa4

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